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"Grandma Reveals Secret to Creating Sparkling Eyes Amongst the Sickest Child"

Children are supposed to have fun learning and playing. 

But, every now and then one gets sick and ends up in the hospital, away from family, friends and pets. Most of the time it's for tonsilitis, broken bones, ear infections, etc. Occasionally, more often than not, it's due to a form of cancer, leukemia or some other life threatening disease. 

Grandma Gesundheit can relate, she's had her share of illnesses over the years and is a cancer survivor herself. The worst part about being sick is people are afraid to visit. There's a strange belief that if you visit a sick person you'll catch whatever it is they have, or worse. This makes for long boring days. Entertaining oneself is not always easy.

According to Patch Adams, MD in an article titled: "The Gesundheit! Hospital Project", The loudest cry of patients was for compassion and attention, which was a call for time... Intimacy was the greatest gift we could give them.

By filling out the request form, Grandma Gesundheit will cheer up your child or someone you know with a letter sent to either their hospital bed or home. The information you provide in the form is important to help Grandma Gesundheit in writing a letter specifically  for your sick child. This information will give the receiving child a thrill that Grandma Gesundheit knows so much about them. She can also write to them about things they need to improve on (ex. physical therapy, eat all their food, rest when needed, etc.). Or commend the child on getting better, ability to keep up with their homework, etc. Children thrive on these "atta boy's or girl's" and make them feel good about themselves, which helps the healing process. 

Everyone will enjoy reading your child's letter, and they can be read over and over again. 

Remember, the best medicine for healing is compassion, attention and laughter. Don't miss out on this opportunity to put a smile on your child's face. Order now to give your gift of a lifetime: either a Generic Letter or Personalized Letter from Grandma Gesundheit. This is also the ideal gift to give to another sick child you know (or even an adult) who lives out of town. They, too, will be thrilled with it.

To get your letter:

  • Select either Generic or Personalized Letter below
  • Fill out the form with as much information as you can
  • Make your paper selection
  • Hit the "Send a Letter to My Child Now" button

If your letter is of an urgent nature, please let us know so we'll get it written and out ASAP.

Generic Letter Personalized Letter


We look forward to hearing from you and wish your loved ones a speedy recovery.

Grandma Gesundheit


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